Newanderthal gig at Foyles, coming up 20th Feb

Thursday 20th February 2014 6pm – 7pm Charing Cross Road Ray’s Jazz Event, Free Event


Newanderthal is a music project featuring Ansuman Biswas, Malcolm Darwen, Tom Green, and Haymanot Tesfa. A potent blend of sraj accompanied Ethiopian and Bengali song forms, with mbira patterns derived from Steve Reich and jazz-infused bass riffs.


Ansuman Biswas :: Hang, percussion, esraj, sarod
Tom Green :: Array mbira
Mal Darwen – Acoustic guitar, upright bass
Haymanot Tesfa – Vocals

Tickets: FREE, no need to book, just come along!
Venue: The Café at Foyles

Newanderthal at 108, Rich Mix, London

No, not Another Fine Day, but also yes… since three of those who make up Newanderthal performed in the AFD ‘massive’ that used to be the line-up for the Sunday shows at the Big Chill Festival, 1994-2010 (and now RIP as the festival we knew and loved)

Newanderthal is an occasional mostly improvised  acoustic ‘world’ music hybrid-side-project-sort-of-thing, and we just played a short set last Saturday at the 108, Rich Mix, Bethnal Grn, London. To a fine reaction, it has to be said, thanks to those who came. No recordings available for now but it’ll happen one day.

Photos copyright Sonja Fowler – no further use without her permission.


Ansuman Biswas (esraj), Haymanot Tesfa (vox), Tom Green (array mbira)


Malcolm Darwen (guitar) Ansuman Biswas (hang)


Tom Green (array mbira)

Slowly does it …

Just to say that we got down to a bit of recording late last year, with various contributions from singers from Bengal and Ethiopia, with esraj, kora, acoustic bass etc … and hope to be doing some more this month, it was really verrrryyyy interesting indeed. Hope to post pics and maybe some snippets of audio soon …

coming soon

Newanderthal is a so far occasional music project from Tom Green, Ansuman Biswas, Malcom Darwen, and recent addition Haymanot Tesfa (not featured on the Big Chill video) 2012 has seen a few more gigs including one where the line up extended to 11 people, so it’s likely this will be a project with a flexible approach … further info soon, if you wish to make contact for now please visit  Apollo Music and use the contact form